What is Mbrace®?

MBrace is a clear aligner treatment used to correct misaligned teeth.

Our aligners are made from a transparent FDA-approved material that is barely noticeable by others when worn. They are also easy to remove, so that our patients need not observe and food restrictions, and can brush and floss with ease.

We custom-make each individual aligner to ensure a comfortable fit and its efficacy.

how does MBrace® work?

Our aligners are designed such that they do not require any wires or attachments to straighten your teeth.

Through several stages, the material applies a light pressure to gradually move teeth into the desired position.

Patients are advised to wear each set of aligners for 2 weeks and at least 22 hours a day, before moving to the next set.

treatment duration

More severe teeth conditions will take a longer time to treat, as more sets of aligners will be required to achieve the larger movement.

The diagram below illustrates the average treatment period based on case severity.

If you are curious to know how your dental condition classifies, contact us at enquiry@dentalthon.com

Severe Case
24 months and above
Moderate Case
6-12 months
Mild Case
6 months or less