12 February 2017, Sunday
MBrace® Workshop – Penang < Back

MBrace started off our first workshop for 2017 in Penang on 12 February at The Wembley, A St Giles Hotel. We received an overwhelming response from doctors for this workshop and had closed to 40 new & existing doctors signed up.

The purpose of this workshop is to increase doctor’s understanding of MBrace System and to provide guidance on selecting cases that are suitable for MBrace treatment. This workshop was lead by our Chief Developer, Dr Keith Wong discussing the mechanics of MBrace, IPR techniques and how to effectively manage post-aligner issues. Doctors were also shared on what classification of malocclusion is easier and difficult to hand in MBrace treatment. In particular, Dr Wong further explained that doctors should try to avoid cases with skeletal discrepancy, atypical extraction patterns and long treatment as it may impact patient compliance.

We hope doctors find this session beneficial and are confident to embark on using MBrace.


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