7 October 2016, Sunday
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Blissful Outdoor Wedding Show (BOWS) 2016 is a roadshow organized by Blissful Brides Magazine for to-be brides and grooms to discover and know more on the wedding preparation process. The roadshow includes complimentary marriage counselling and financial talks as well as wedding planning seminars which are all essential for planning the perfect wedding, and the life after it.

On 7 October, MBrace® was present at the 3 days roadshow to answer queries and share with end-users on our treatment processes and product. End-users are able to have a better understanding of MBrace®; what it does and how it works to straighten teeth.

On top of that, MBrace® treatments are also about 9-12 months which is the most suitable for to-be brides and grooms as we are able to follow through the wedding preparation process with them. They are also more aware of the MBrace® option as compared to alternative solutions available in the market and better decide if they would want to engage us to improve their smile and overall dental health for their big day.