About Dentalthon Medtech

Our Story

Established in 2014, our founders, Dr. Keith Wong and Prof. Teh Bin Tean, envisioned that the future of dental treatment and services will revolve around digital technologies which changes the way treatment is being designed and delivered. We strive to pursue aggressively in Research & Development to develop new technologies and innovative products in both aesthetics and the medical segment.

Our Product

MBrace® aligner is an ISO 13485 certified medical device that is researched, developed and manufactured by us. Here in Dentalthon, we ensure that our products are safe for their intended purpose. Each MBrace aligner is constructed using high quality FDA compliant plastic material which flexes over the teeth and exerts pressure to move, re-shape and align the teeth into their desired positions.

Our Dental Network

Apart from our main pool of providers found here in Singapore, MBrace is also making itself visible in regional markets such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong. Liked by providers around the region, we believe that our customer and technical support ensures a hassle-free journey.

Our Partner

MBrace is backed by Transmedic Group, a Singapore incorporated company that is a major distributor of the medical equipment in Asia since 1980. They have developed its niche in the advanced medical technologies arena and expanded steadily to across 7 regional offices in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong. With interest in moving into the dental technology field, they are deeply committed to education, and believe in providing the post-sale support and forming long-term links with the best healthcare practitioners in the industry.